In creating my art, I am influenced by the immediate force of the shape and color, the "push" of the image. After the initial impact of the image or shape, I want to draw the viewer in to see the work up close. Differing from traditional minimalism, I try to create a more personal and organic, yet minimalist image. I strive for an image that allows the viewer to experience the process. I believe that when something is created, whether it is a piece of furniture, a toy, or even a piece of art, that the object is never truly complete until the the viewer has participated in the process. I view my art, especially the shaped pieces, as functional, as mandalas of a sort. During the creation of each piece, in the repetition, I gain the opportunity for personal meditation. Thus, the process allows me to be in the moment, to breathe, to reflect, to relax. I hope that my viewers will experience this as well.

My artwork can be viewed at the following locations: Thomas Segal Gallery, Baltimore, MD; Goya Contemporary Gallery, Baltimore, MD; Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX; Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY

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